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They may be photos or drawings, but mostly you will find poetry.
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Hey, guys!
Another week has gone by, and here I am again!
I wrote a new poem... didn't really like it though, so I intend to change a few things before uploading it, and I hope I will write new poems.
While it doesn't happen, I'll post the other stories I mentioned.
I've been trying to see what's going on on D.A so that soon I will post a new Feature with the interesting things.
For now, I am sharing with you my reflections about stress.
I was asked to give my opinion about it and here it is:

Living in a society where people clap during the sunset, armchairs can massage and “Eat, Pray and Love” had been a success, it’s curious to see that people are getting more and more stressed. We can always blame the weather or the traffic, but I have other ideas.

We can’t make jokes: When I was a child, we used to make jokes about everything. Humour could be explored to its full extent, as anything could be funny. The comedians played with stereotypes and we could know people and places we had never met through them. The differences were reasons to have fun and we would have many people laughing with each other. Nowadays, anything can be considered bullying or a reason to be sued.  

Flirting is a crime: Girls spend tons of money buying tight clothes, extending their hair length, using fake tan to cover from their head to the soles of their feet and still think they are not pretty enough, for paying a compliment can be a reason to go to prison for sexual harassment.

You can’t be yourself: If you are overweight, you feel you don’t match the beauty standards. If you want to lose weight, even if it is for health, people say you should accept yourself as you are. If you are thin, people call you anorexic or bulimic. If you like to exercise or are naturally athletic, you’re seen as a victim of society.

You can’t follow your aspirations: We are expected to dare, to reach the top, to be the famous pop star, the internet celebrity or, at least, the president of a multinational company. If you are less ambitious, and would be fine in a modest profession, people think you have serious mental problems or that you are a loser.

You can’t be healthy or sane: I am not saying that diseases don’t exist, but if you are just feeling down for some time or you change your mind quickly, it doesn’t mean you are depressive or bipolar. Maybe people should give themselves a while before ingesting so many pills. Sometimes they are more part of the problem than the solution.

You can’t have faith: No matter what is your faith, from the ancient Torah to dwarfs that live in flowers, beliefs are constantly put under the scrutiny of sceptics who want to dissuade you from them, as if your creeds are the business of anyone other than you. If you believe there are more things than there seems to be, you can be seen as foolish, even though most geniuses of all time believed in something.

 I could write more, but talking about stress stresses me out, so I am leaving it here.

Wishing you all a great weekend and a relaxing week.

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Doubt by C-Allagash
My gallery was lacking some colour. Besides, I kind of like dAMuro, even though I haven't used it much lately.

Made with DeviantArt muro
Thistle by C-Allagash
Just a random pic, because I haven't posted one in ages
Royal blood,
Noble smile,
Of a might Isle.

Rosy cheeks,
Dark eyes;
Pure candour
Can’t be disguised.

In his pyjamas,
Surprising us all,
A clear breach
Of protocol.

For Britain has
a new prince;
Beloved monarch
Even since.

"Happy birthday, dear George",
We all sing.
Now and forever
God save our future king
Call me a royalist, but I just can't resist Prince George, that cutie!

His birthday was yesterday, just in case you are wondering...
- I couldn’t have expected otherwise! It’s always the same thing with you! I should have already known you’re just unable to meet your responsibilities – interjected Melissa.
- It’s not as you’re saying.  – Nathan tried to defend himself.
- Isn’t it? I thought we were in this together, that I could count on you, rely on you. But everything you do is just evasion.
- I am so in it as you are; I don’t need to take this.
- Yes you do! Because we are together. It should be as important for you as it is for me. Do you know what is the main difference between us? I wouldn’t have done the same to you; I have consideration for your feelings, I try to put myself in your shoes. You are just unable to do the same!
- So now is it my fault?
- Of course it is! You made me believe it could work, and I trusted you!
- You can trust me! I am still the same person, the old Nate you met before. But I am human, and sometimes we makes mistakes.
- Yes… but that was a huge one. I really couldn’t have expected that from you.
- Could you at least try to forgive and move on?
- It’s not so simple.
- Look, I didn’t know it would be so difficult. I thought myself it wouldn’t be easy, but that we could do it. It’s not as easy for me as you think.
- I am not talking about it being easy or not. I just can’t stand it anymore! It’s too much for me. Now you’re trying to reason and make things less serious than they are, but I am close to tears!
- I have never lied to you.
- Then I must only assume that I am the idiot here. It is all my fault. I was looking for it.
- Please don’t say those things. Come here. You have my shoulder to cry on.
Melissa embraced Nathan, bursting into tears and received a warm hug in return. They both remained like that for some moments, when Nathan finally broke it:
- You know… Nothing you say will make me clean that kitchen; it’s your job!
- But you messed it!
- I was just trying to eat some Doritos. It is not my fault the packet exploded.
- Did you need to cover the floor with them?
- It was an accident, it is not my fault.
- Neither is it mine.
- We had a deal. I cook and you clean.
- Yes, but it was about regular cleaning, not about explosions of packets of chips.
- A deal is a deal.
- Having a flatmate was the worst idea I’ve ever had.
- You did it consensually; you wanted to share expenses, remember?
- I can’t believe you’re putting the blame on me. You know what? You’re right. It’s not you, it’s me. This is not working anymore.
- What do you mean?
- I think we should see other people... so that we can find appropriate flatmates for ourselves.
- Are you “splitting up” with me?
- You know… I just don’t feel that spark anymore.
- We are just fecking flatmates. You’re overreacting!
- It doesn’t matter. I have my pride.
- Well… it doesn't matter for me either: I have Doritos. Bye – and Nathan left, banging the door, with a mouthful of nachos.
A Split Up
Finally uploading something this week. This is SO silly, but it's one of the short stories I had written recently.

I'll upload some poetry later in this week, so don't hate me. ^^'

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Our suffering becomes one
For we are all brothers in pain
Chaos is the new routine
Life, ephemeral for the world is insane

The lives of innocents lost
Blood of men and women shed
The questions remain unanswered
While our souls suffer in dread

How to explain, how to endure
Barbarism turning life into debris?
My brothers in pain, let’s hold hands, and
With our hearts, pray for Paris
Pray for Paris
So... some time ago I wrote Prions pour Paris and, deep inside, I knew I had to translate it. I just feel sad that the circumstaces that moved me to do it are so bad.
Anyway, this is not a literal translation, this is a poetic adaptation. If you would like to check a literal translation, as well as the original poem, just click here 
Prions pour Paris


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Everything I write is true, which doesn't mean that everything I write is true.

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